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McDonald’s Recent Christmas Commercial Left Us Speechless!

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Christmas is all about happiness, joy, and the unending feeling of hope, and love. But, there’s a twist this year! McDonald’s recent Christmas commercial, a “Holiday” special, has left the adults teary-eyed, and nostalgic. Wondering how? Continue reading! 

“Imaginary Iggy,” a McDonald’s Christmas ad that has gone viral on social media. The ad follows Matilda, a small girl, through her childhood holiday seasons. She creates an imaginary companion – a blue, furry creature named “Iggy” – for Christmas, who comes to life and becomes her dearest friend throughout her adolescence. 

Overview Of The Christmas Commercial 

The commercial opens with Matilda and Iggy eating “reindeer treats” (carrot sticks) together. Going further into the Christmas commercial, Iggy cheers Matilda during her performance, and later they watch movies together. 

Time passes, and when Matilda becomes a teenager, their friendship begins to fade. When a bunch of pals burst in, she follows them, abandoning her childhood and imagination.

Eventually, she pulls down her drawing of him and hides Iggy and the drawing in the closet before her friends arrive.

Seeing a child at McDonald’s feeding carrots to it’s imaginary friend, she returns back to her closet. On returning, she discovers that her faithful buddy, Iggy, has been waiting for years. 

The McDonald’s recent commercial concludes with the two recreating childhood moments and enjoying a plate of carrot sticks.

“Time After Time”, a melancholic music, plays in the background adding misery and heartbreaking aspects to the commercial.

Benefits of this Christmas Commercial 

For every download of Mabel’s version of “Time after Time,” the corporation has unanimously decided to donate 10 pence (13 dollars) to FareShare, a charity dedicated to ending hunger. 

The company announced that they are certain that the advertisement captures the beauty of youthful imagination. Through this commercial, a useful reminder sees the light – “You are never too old to believe,” which comes alive at this time of year.     

Final Words! 

Indeed, McDonald’s recent Christmas commercial left the audience speechless! This commercial was an apt dislay of the importance of friendship, and connection. 

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