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Learn How To Up Your Brand Game This Diwali!

Diwali Rangoli with Real Flowers

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The festivities have begun and it is no secret that these times of the year, brands have their sales and profits sky-rocketing! Festivals are associated with new apparels, new purchases and undeniably, more spending than usual. 

Discounts, freebies, and giveaways are too mundane. The 21st century calls for modern ideas with every other brand going digital. Want to know what’s trending? Keep reading! 

If you want your brand to have its name etched in the people’s minds, here are some ‘The Capturing Factory’ tips to keep your brand afloat and to help you up your brand game! 

  1. Leverage Social Media – From planning the next restaurant trip to shopping clothes, everything and everybody is going digital. For brands to establish their presence, there cannot be a better opportunity than this! 


By posting compelling messages/visuals on their accounts, brands can boost their visibility on social networking websites, as well as grow their brand. So, announce tempting festive deals, build the consumer’s curiosity, and increase your sales! 

2.  Come up with Innovative Ideas – To protect your brand’s identity from the constantly growing market and the competitors, ‘innovation’ can be your saviour! 


Gather your team, put heads together and come up with unique strategies, quirky ad campaigns, and consumer-friendly prices to lure your target audience. 


3. Focus on Emotions – To promote the authenticity of the brand, many brands have opted for the ‘emotion-centric’ approach to boost their business. Laying emphasis on their consumer’s needs, preferences and taking decisions keeping in mind the target audience, is the best way for organic brand growth.


During festivities, consumers like to feel special and cared for. If your brand has the power to captivate your consumers, nothing can stop your brand’s success! 

4. Adapt customizations – If you want your consumers to purchase your product/service, you need to present it in a likable manner. Going according to the occasion, you can curate your product/service by adapting themes.

When it’s Diwali, try going the traditional way, and customise messages on packages so that it gives the consumer a personal touch. Customise your product/service as per the target audience and you shall be surprised by the results! 

5. Create Festive Mood – It’s Diwali, your consumer is in a celebratory mood, don’t forget! Your workplace needs to depict the festive mood and make the consumers feel the same.

To differentiate your brand from the others, you can select a Diwali theme for the employees, make rangolis, as well as decorate the place with lanterns and diyas. Yes, you are thinking right, do what it takes to please your consumers. After all, the consumer is the king right?

Final Words! 

Festivals do help the brand in making high profits. But, how about making similar profits on a non-festive day? Sounds exciting?

Do you want to increase traffic to your brand organically? Do you want to give your competitors a tough fight? Do you want your posts trending and social media followers growing?

Connect with The Capturing Factory and let us take your brand to greater heights of success! 

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