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6 Christmas Campaigns by Indian Brands!

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To have a firm foothold in the market, brands need to prepare strategies keeping in mind the festivities, because that benefits the brands economically. Look around and you will find innumerable Christmas Campaigns for brands in order to boost their sales.  So, what makes a brand campaign successful?

Brilliant execution, clear messaging, and analyzing the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses – that’s what it takes to come up with “on point” campaigns. 

Christmas bells are round the corner and here are some exciting Christmas Campaigns by Indian Brands to be in sync with the season of joy and giving!  

1. Swiggy – Santa

Swiggy launched a wholesome ad on the night of Christmas, highlighting their 200+ female delivery partners.

 They launched an online video to honour the women partners’ achievements. This video depicted a day in the life of a female executive, beginning with her getting ready to go to work to deliver food. 

The commercial also takes a new look at what we mean when we say “Santa Claus.” It recognises that, akin to our beloved Santa, many of these ladies too balance their personal and professional lives to ensure that food is delivered on time. 

2. Coca-Cola 

Coca-Cola is known for using Christmas-y colours all around the year. It’s unique Coca-Cola Christmas Truck has become a  global Christmas packaging classic.

This commercial emphasizes on being present rather than bringing a present. The tough times during the pandemic have enlightened us with the importance of family and how grateful one should be to have their loved ones safe and sound. The Coca-cola ad is an ode to gratitude, an ode to togetherness.  

The video begins with a father trying to reach the North Pole in order to deliver her ‘Letter’ to Santa Claus as a Christmas gift. The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is cleverly woven into the commercial to bring the father back to his daughter for the holidays. With the message – This Christmas, Give Something Only You Can Give – Coca-Cola, the commercial has truly won many hearts!


3. Fevicol – 

Fevicol is another such brand that uses wit and lighthearted comedy in its advertisements and promotions. 

Fevicol’s USP has been an “easy-to-apply” glue. Every commercial you’ve feasted your eyes on concentrates primarily on how fevicol joins items without effort and how strong its glue is.

One of India’s most recognized brands, the “Fevicol bond” is the subject of all of their advertisements. 

As a result, all of their campaigns, including the Christmas ad, have the same messaging, and continue to emphasise on the “special Fevicol bond”.

4. Faasos – #WhatIfWishesCameTrue

Faasos, a speedy service takeaway restaurant, created a targeted campaign to reinforce the #WhatifWishesComeTrue message. 

This digital Christmas commercial was more than just a simple freebie; it was a full-fledged marketing effort aimed at surprising individuals all around the world with Christmas gifts.

They unveiled the #WhatifWishesCameTrue campaign with the video below, inviting people to submit comments for “one thing you always desired as a child.”

Faasos received multiple entries via Twitter and Facebook, resulting in a very Merry Christmas for several clients. Truly did justice to the Christmas Campaigns by brands right? 

#WhatifWishes came true? | Celebrating Christmas Faasos way

5. Big Bazaar – #BanoKisiKaSanta

Big Bazaar, an Indian retail giant, created an ingenious campaign called #BanoKisiKaSanta. 

This campaign, which emphasizes around the holiday season of giving and charity, is still going strong. Every Christmas, the business encourages customers to play Santa to their loved ones and others who are less privileged.

BigBazaar’s ‘Bano Kisi Ka Santa’ campaign came to a close with the distribution of donated sports and educational products to the youth, bringing them great delight and happiness.

6. SBI Life Insurance – #MainSeHum

SBI launched a one-of-a-kind Christmas campaign as part of the #MainSeHum series. 

This ad focuses on the operations of the Robin Hood Army, which collects extra food from restaurants, events, corporations, and individuals and distributes it to the underprivileged members of society. 

In addition to that, they also give blankets and organise enjoyable events for the children through Christmas seasons. 

SBI Life Insurance fed nearly 200 impoverished kids and homeless adults over the course of the film.

SBI Life- #MainSeHum Real Life Real Stories – Christmas

Final Words! 

Intriguing Christmas campaign ideas indeed right! Want to create one such Christmas Campaign for brands? Want to make your mark in the evolving industry? You are at the right place! 

From ideating, strategizing, implementing, and executing, The Capturing Factory does it all! 

Connect with The Capturing Factory and get creative solutions for all your brand problems! 

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