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5 Halloween Campaigns to look out for this year!

Halloween Social Media Campaigns

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Isn’t Halloween all about trick or treating? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for spooky marketing campaign ideas to do something unusual this year and make your marketing stand out. 

Here are top 5 ideas that will leave your fellow competitors fear-struck and customers in luck! 

  • Nike’s Halloween Shoes – Devil in the Detail!

Candies and costumes are too basic and obvious. This Halloween to do something unique, Nike came out with its special Halloween edition featuring a black leather upper, white illuminated midsole, and a glowy-orange filling the outsole and lining. Perfectly embedding the Halloween colors, I must say. 

Furthermore, Nike is ready to introduce its new Halloween shoes, the ‘Nike Dunk Low,’ which will be whimsical and infect people with its contagious Halloween collection. These shoes are set to release on October 31st, and many Nike fans are excited to get their hands on them. Nike did elevate the product promotion bar a notch higher by successfully creating buzz and enthusiasm, didn’t they?


  • Temptations – Cat owners, this is for you! 

Customers are continuously watching brands, and if the brands want to stay in the market, doing something unique and eye-catching must be at the top of their ‘to-do’ list. With a similar mindset, Temptations, a cat food business, is on its way to skyrocketing earnings with it’s special Halloween launch. As strange as it may sound, Temptations has introduced a new cat food flavour called “tasty human” to tease cats’ taste buds and pamper them this Halloween!

Link – Halloween Limited Edition TEMPTATIONS™ Tasty Human

Video source – Temptationsbrand (Youtube) 

  • Crest – Halloween Toothpaste release!

Crest, a toothpaste company, was not going to miss out on this Halloween marketing! Crest’s latest product promotion – a Halloween Toothpaste release – was inspired by the idea of kids gorging on candies during the Halloween season. 

Not only that, but there’s more! Crest even had the concept of creating a limited-edition ‘Candy Safe,’ where children could store their candy away from inquisitive eyes and hands of their parents, friends, and relatives! After the contest was announced, anyone who wanted to participate had to upload photos of themselves and their families explaining why they liked Crest and why they wanted the ‘candy safe,’ along with the appropriate hashtags. Isn’t that a frightfully great campaign?


  • Mar’s 180-degree turn – Skittles Zombies!

Mars, a delectable fruit candy maker, did the unimaginable and released Skittles Zombies, a bold release. It offered five flavours, including Boogeyman Blackberry and Mummified Melon. There was also a ‘rotten’ zombie flavour that was recognized for its horrifying and unpleasant flavour.

Thanks to influencer marketing, this campaign is trending and is sure to be a huge success. Many bloggers and foodies created review videos, video challenges, and taste tests, which gained a lot of interest online. Still have questions about the inspiration and key to this fantastic content campaign? Well, it’s all about human emotions!


  • Reese – Sweetness disappeared to a better place!

This year, an American candy brand has incorporated a social twist to their video advertising. The commercial wonders aloud as to what happened to all of the Reese’s chocolates that magically disappeared around Halloween ( “they’ve gone to a better place…”). A Treat Map app for local trick or treating is part of a collaboration with neighbourhood social network Nextdoor. The company is now promoting its iconic Reese’s Pumpkins chocolate as the “Official Pumpkins of Halloween,” competing with vendors selling real pumpkins.

Video link –

Source – Commercial Hub (Youtube)

Final Words!

When it comes to content marketing, grab every festival and make your campaigns evoke originality and creativity! 

Want to create engaging campaigns and brand films for your company?

 Connect with The Capturing Factory and give your brand the boost it deserves! 

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