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Toothsi’s New Commercial Got Arjun Kapoor Angry!

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Commercials are known to elicit positive emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Howeer, Arjun Kapoor was enraged with Toothsi’s new commercial!

Do you have any idea what happened? Continue to read!

This Is How It All Began..

Arjun’s outburst on the set of Toothsi, the “at-home smile makeover service”, went viral before it was released. To express his infuriated feelings, Arjun resorted to Instagram. When his followers read the following, they were perplexed –


While leaving his admirers perplexed, Arjun followed up the next day with another Instagram post that revealed the truth.

Overview of Toothsi’s New Commercial 

Arjun Kapoor begins the commercial by reading the script before being called to the set by a Toothsi representative. Arjun, enraged, reprimands the representative, and a mood shift is seen!

Later, Arjun calmly begins explaining his “metal braces difficulties” tale to the videographer. He travels back in time and recalls how his friends teased him as a youngster and how ludicrous he appeared with metal braces.

Concluding, Arjun wished that Toothsi had been around when he was a youngster. Maybe then, he would be saved from those heartbreaking school day remarks.

Giving the new advertisement a controversial edge, Arjun informs his fans about how convenient and pleasant Toothsi aligners are, and how much he recommends them!

This campaign has been created by the marketing team of Toothsi.

Final Words! 

Certainly a quirky yet heart-warming way of launching Toothsi’s new commercial, right? This commercial truly casted a mystifying spell throughout it’s release and ended up with winning the hearts! 

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