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5 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Thanksgiving 2021

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Thanksgiving is round the corner and here are 5 social media marketing ideas for Thanksgiving 2021 to help you boost your brand sales and get brand awareness! Wondering how to turn this holiday in your brand’s favor? No worries, we got you covered! 

Be grateful to your customers 

Customers are akin to kings and you cannot disappoint them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to thanking your customers, suppliers, or business partners. 

Think of creative and unique ways to extend your gratitude and let your kindness be your brand’s voice.

Announce exclusive deals

Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to ramp up your marketing efforts. To take advantage of the season, brands are likely to go all out with deals and discounts. 

Customers can be informed about your unique deals over the whole Thanksgiving weekend by various social media platforms. 

Allowing customers to prepare for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is another approach to encourage them. 

Some retailers even begin offering unique offers on Thanksgiving and continue through Cyber Monday Bonanza. As a result, they have five days to raise sales and boost their brand growth. 

Create resourceful content

This Thanksgiving, use the power of blogs to the fullest, and add value in the lives of your customers. Start thinking from a customer’s point of view and draft your blog topics addressing those concerns/worries.

Accordingly, you can also link your blogs to your product page and offer exclusive deals to your customers. 


Keep engaging with your target audience, give them content worth their time, and lo! Your brand will not be too far from getting global recognition, thanks to the diversified reach of social media! 

Have giveaways on Social Media  

Thanksgiving takes precedence over other budget-busting holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so cutting costs is essential.

To have your brand stand apart from the rest, you can leverage social media and announce giveaways. Put your team together, brainstorm lucrative ideas, and come up with exciting social media marketing campaign ideas to boost your online presence. 

The brand contests could be simple but intriguing. Yet, keep in mind – your motto needs to be to do something different, and not follow the herd mentality. 

Showcase your brand’s personality

More than anything, your brand should replicate it’s true personality. Use social media to your advantage and let your customers be a part of Behind the Scenes. 

Make them feel important, valued for, and you will be surprised by seeing the results!

Final Words!

There you go! Make sure to use these 5 social media marketing ideas for Thanksgiving 2021, and take your brand to greater heights of success! 

Unable to come up with creative ideas this festive season? Unsure about your campaign education? 

Connect with The Capturing Factory and get in-depth solutions to all your brand problems! 

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